Nestled on a hill at Seri Kembangan, the BRDB ROTARY CHILDREN'S RESIDENCE (BRCR) is frequently mistaken to be an international school, even from its facade. Taken 15 long years to fundraise and build, this well-designed residence sitting on a pristine 2.3-acre land has the capacity to house a maximum of 150 underprivileged and at-risk children.

"It all began with the thought of building a safe home for abandoned children," says Datuk Chan Kam Fatt (RCKLD), Exco Chairman of BRCR, "It also has to be a multiracial and multicultural home so that the children will grow up with an appreciation of each others' differences."

It is challenging and more costly to accommodate the different religious and ethnic requirements - the areas of spiritual education and food preparation - but it is a worthwhile effort.


Special attention is given to the children's character development, health matters and lifelong learning. "We are committed to cultivate our children to become compassionate citizens and 'masters of their craft'," affirms Frank Lim HH, Hon. Secretary of the Rotary BRDB Trust.

BRCR is caring for 65 children and its operations depend on public donations - individuals and businesses.

More about BRCR

BRCR is licensed by JKM Negeri Selangor (Selangor State Welfare Department) with Ref. No.: B/PJB KK 010/2017 and registered with BHEUU JPM Malaysia (Prime Minister's Department of Malaysia) as ROTARY BRDB TRUST with Registered Trustees (Reg. No. PPAB-20/2011).